This blog has been relatively quiet lately. Not to mention I seem to have lost some old posts along the way. There are many reasons I could give for this. The basic story is that I have been taking a break from my freelance work to focus on finding a more permanent and stable work situation. In the last few weeks I have been striving to make time to do more photography work, including re-editing some old photos that didn't get much of a treatment on the first go 'round.

From here on out we will hopefully see more blog updates and more consistent photo additions. Although, the photography will be taking priority over the blogging. Thanks for stopping by again folks! Stop back soon to see what's new.
I recently had the privilege to hang out with and photograph a menagerie of my favorite kids on the planet. (Click on the photo to see some of my favorites.)

Photographing children is one of my favorite activities. However, it is also one of the most difficult photographic endeavors one can attempt. They're energetic and unpredictable. Some are shy and quiet while others are rambunctious and outgoing. In my experience the best way to work with kids is to follow their lead. If they're being shy and quiet engage them in a calm manner. If they're going crazy with energy approach them with a lot of energy. 

While photographing Dasia and Izabell, ages five and three, I had the luxury of working with out time constraints. I let them each take the lead. Playing when they wanted stopping and asking them to pose or give me a smile when the mood, energy, and environment were right. It was a fun time with both girls. Using this approach allowed them to stay relaxed and have fun without getting frustrated with sitting still too much and becoming bored. It also allowed me to get a lot of fantastic candid shots on top of the more formal posed ones. 

I am looking forward to photographing children more in the future. They are an absolute delight to spend time with. Fortunately, I have many friends and family with incredibly adorable children. 


The theme of the week is: PRICING! (Insert frustrated sigh here.) There is nothing so awkward as trying to put monetary value to your time and creativity. It's a rather strange situation.

That being said I have finally posted pricing structures for the most common photo sessions that I tackle, weddings and engagements. I will soon be following up with formalizing my structures for portraits and prints. It's a long process, but in the end it will be worth the time to not have to recalculate prices every time someone takes an interest.

On an unrelated note: I am aware that my link on Facebook is not functioning at present. I have emailed the site in hopes of rectifying this situation. Thanks for all the heads up about it folks!


The theme of the week is work. Unfortunately, it hasn't all been of the fun variety. Aside from my "side" job in retail, which was beyond insanity this week, I've been doing a lot of logistical and planning work for my free-lancing.

Prompted by a couple of requests for price quotes I have begun to form some pricing packages for different events. A good portion of this afternoon was spent developing my basic senior portrait package, the advertising postcard of which can be seen to the right of this paragraph. (And, yes, I did indeed design that postcard to color coordinate with this website.) During the coming week I will be working on similar pricing adverts for weddings and engagements as well, as these three make up the majority of the gigs I book. My goal is to get the basic packages formed by the end of the week and to expand from there.

This week also marked my return to basic graphic design in the creation of the postcard design above. I enjoy working with graphic design, though it is a tricky business. In the future I'd like to take a few more classes on the subject. Expand my skill set and what not. In the mean time, it's fun to dabble where I can.


In the last week or so I spent a bit of time photographing and editing a series of engagement photographs for an old friend from high school and her fiance. After a long sabbatical from the camera it was a great re-introduction to doing work with people again, as opposed to the nature and architectural work I have been favoring as of late.

Katie and Tim were a fantastic couple to work with. They were both relaxed and seemingly comfortable in front of the camera. Admittedly, we did have trouble getting Tim to actually smile though. It was a treat to observe the interactions between the two of them. Their affections and mutual dorkiness made for some awesome photographs.

The photographs were done at Bryant Park in Traverse City, near Central High School for those familiar with the area. Between their minds and mine we managed to use every possible thing we could for a staging area. We used everything from the West Grand Traverse Bay and the beach to the playground to the window of the Men's bathroom.

I am really pleased with this experience as a whole. The shoot was great and the final set of photos* turned out really well, in my humble opinion.

The impending fall is reminding me that October is right around the corner pulling Katie and Tim's wedding right along with it, and frankly I can't wait to unpack my camera and click away.


*Click on the photo to see the set of images.


Well, hello there all you lovely internet wanderers. I would venture to guess that if you have found yourself on this page you likely know me. However, if you don't, please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Traci. I am a photographer and wanderer. In 2008 I graduated from Northern Michigan University. Since then I have wandered the state working where I can and taking pictures more often than not. At this point my photography is done on a freelance basis while I do what I can to pay the bills on the side.

This blog will be used as a photographic and written documentation of my time while I meander my way around the Mitten and beyond. My hope is that this will enable me to keep people informed of what I am doing and also encourage me to create and share as much as I can.

With that I say: Welcome to the Mitten! I hope you enjoy your time here.


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