I recently had the privilege to hang out with and photograph a menagerie of my favorite kids on the planet. (Click on the photo to see some of my favorites.)

Photographing children is one of my favorite activities. However, it is also one of the most difficult photographic endeavors one can attempt. They're energetic and unpredictable. Some are shy and quiet while others are rambunctious and outgoing. In my experience the best way to work with kids is to follow their lead. If they're being shy and quiet engage them in a calm manner. If they're going crazy with energy approach them with a lot of energy. 

While photographing Dasia and Izabell, ages five and three, I had the luxury of working with out time constraints. I let them each take the lead. Playing when they wanted stopping and asking them to pose or give me a smile when the mood, energy, and environment were right. It was a fun time with both girls. Using this approach allowed them to stay relaxed and have fun without getting frustrated with sitting still too much and becoming bored. It also allowed me to get a lot of fantastic candid shots on top of the more formal posed ones. 

I am looking forward to photographing children more in the future. They are an absolute delight to spend time with. Fortunately, I have many friends and family with incredibly adorable children. 


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