The theme of the week is work. Unfortunately, it hasn't all been of the fun variety. Aside from my "side" job in retail, which was beyond insanity this week, I've been doing a lot of logistical and planning work for my free-lancing.

Prompted by a couple of requests for price quotes I have begun to form some pricing packages for different events. A good portion of this afternoon was spent developing my basic senior portrait package, the advertising postcard of which can be seen to the right of this paragraph. (And, yes, I did indeed design that postcard to color coordinate with this website.) During the coming week I will be working on similar pricing adverts for weddings and engagements as well, as these three make up the majority of the gigs I book. My goal is to get the basic packages formed by the end of the week and to expand from there.

This week also marked my return to basic graphic design in the creation of the postcard design above. I enjoy working with graphic design, though it is a tricky business. In the future I'd like to take a few more classes on the subject. Expand my skill set and what not. In the mean time, it's fun to dabble where I can.


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