This blog has been relatively quiet lately. Not to mention I seem to have lost some old posts along the way. There are many reasons I could give for this. The basic story is that I have been taking a break from my freelance work to focus on finding a more permanent and stable work situation. In the last few weeks I have been striving to make time to do more photography work, including re-editing some old photos that didn't get much of a treatment on the first go 'round.

From here on out we will hopefully see more blog updates and more consistent photo additions. Although, the photography will be taking priority over the blogging. Thanks for stopping by again folks! Stop back soon to see what's new.

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    Hey, folks! I'm Traci!
    At this point in my life I have lived all over the state of Michigan, including the Upper Peninsula and many areas of the Mitten.

    I am a semi-professional photographer with an extreme wanderlust and a thirst for creative outlets. This blog is a way of documenting my photographic journey as I travel around the Mitten and beyond.

    Don't be shy. Drop in on occasion and see what I've gotten up to and where I've wandered.


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